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Issue #50, Spring 2023

spring stream 

she lifts the sari 

just enough 

            Meera Rehm  

UK/ Nepal 



early spring

a ponytail of radishes

in her straw hat

            Anne Elise Burgevin

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA



dozing by the lake

waves lapping at the edge

of dreams

Michael Ketchek

Rochester, NY



under the poplar

two cows' worth 

of shade

            Carolyn Hall

            San Francisco, CA



moonlight through my window streaming live 

            Dan Curtis

            Victoria, BC, Canada



first autumn rain

the spillway back

to spilling

Bryan Rickert

Belleville, Illinois 




sounds of the river

winter stars

Lisa Gerlits

Silverton, OR

Issue #49, Fall 2022

starless night

a dozen moons

reflected in the sea

Deborah P Kolodji

Temple City, CA



the truths buried in

my mouth

Agnes Eva Savich

Austin, TX



has a story

not to tell

John Stevenson

Nassau, NY


midsummer reverie

sound of splashing waves

in my mint soda

Keiko Izawa

Yokohama, Japan


the back and forth

of a willow warbler

summer dusk

John Barlow

Ormskirk, UK


round midnight


before I sleep

John O'Connor

Chicago, IL

Issue #48, Spring 2022

deathly pale . . .

a lily comes out

from under the earth . . .

            Eugeniusz Zacharski

            Radom, Poland



migrants . . .


on the stone bridge

            Mircea Moldovan

            Jibou, Romania



caper flowers

. . . and I thought I was done

with this grief

            Polona Oblak

            Ljubljana, Slovenia



magnolia buds . . .

birds plumping feathers

against the chill


            Ingrid Baluchi

            Ohrid, North Macedonia



the ringing

of faraway bells

dusk in a field

            Ernest Wit

            Warsaw, Poland



lakeside walk

a seagull’s cry sneaks

into my playlist

            Tomislav Sjekloca

            Cetinje, Montenegro



windless dawn

a marigold wreath

sways in the kelp

            J. Zimmerman

            Santa Cruz CA

Issue 47, Fall 2021

glass lake

trailing my fingers

through the clouds

            Barbara Sabol

            Akron OH


filled with sky

the voice of a child

lost in play

            Cora Whitmore

            Bangor ME


ocean sunset

beach chairs folded

into jumbled stacks

            Julie Schwerin

            Sun Prairie WI


the Big Dipper

tipped on end

petal fall

            Jennifer Burd

            Ann Arbor MI


a spider works

the seam in the wall

night heat

            David Grayson

            Alameda CA


starless night—

we wish instead

upon a streetlight

            Michael Dylan Welch

            Sammamish WA



space debris . . .

the newborn foal

finds its legs

            Ferris Gilli

            Marietta GA

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